Remember ... the sport is in the finding,
not necessarily the cashing in.

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

Our sport or hobby is enjoyed by many. It is a combination of hunting, fishing and ARCHEOLOGY! You never know when the next beep could signal a find of coins, jewelry or a precious artifact. The responsibility is yours to follow the right path.

If you have a fantastic find of a piece of jewelry, make every endeavor to find the owner, if plausible. If you find a historical artifact find out from your local historical society if you have made a significant find.

Folks, it isn’t about the money you can get from such finds, although that is nice too. It is about hunting for and finding things left behind by others, whether intentional or not. It is about the hunt and the discovery. Try to place your find in the right hands.

Remember ... the sport is in the finding,
not necessarily the cashing in.

Leave No Footprint

  1. Respect private property-- no treasure hunting without property owner’s permission.
  2. Do not destroy anything on public or private property.
  3. Do not litter and please pick up trash as you go. Keep and discard any junk found metal detecting.
  4. Do not bypass gates or climb or circumvent fences.
  5. Fill in and tamp down all holes dug.
  6. Use consideration and courtesy at all times.
  7. Use headphones while on beaches where there are sunbathers and swimmers.
  8. Protect your hobby by conducting yourself professionally.
  9. Know all local and state regulations before proceeding to hunt. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of fines.
  10. Your sport is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Why not help to protect the environment by being proactive?

Download & Sign our Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

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  • Remember to keep your hobby safe and uphold the integrity of metal detecting. We want you to be safe and protect the safety of others. Learn the etiquette of metal detecting and avoid any hassles or illegalities when you are out in the field.
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